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To Make a Column
adapted from souce: http://www.180techtips.com/116.htm
  • Sometimes it just looks nice to have columns of text on your page.
  • It can be visually appealing for learners to access information on a page
  • Type your text into Word. The example used below was copied and pasted from the Bill of Rights: the US Constitution from the internet.
  1. Highlight the text:
    external image 116column1.JPG
  2. Go to "Format" on the menu bar and select "Columns"
    external image 116column2.JPG

  3. In this example I'm going to select two columns.
  4. Note that you can make changes to the blank space between the columns (the gutter) and the width of the columns. Then click "OK"
    external image 116column3.JPG
  5. Admire your new columns:
    external image 116column4.JPG

To Manipulate a Picture
(adapted from source: http://www.180techtips.com/97.htm )

  • Did you know that you can make adjustments to pictures right in Microsoft Word?
  • You can make simple changes to pictures right in Word, no special picture software is required. All you need is the Picture Toolbar:
external image 97picture1.JPG

  • It should appear automatically whenever you click on a picture
  • If picture tool doesn't come up: go to the "View" menu and then selecting "Toolbars" and then selecting "Picture" from the list.

Here is an illustration of what each toolbar button does:

external image 97picture2.JPG

external image 97picture3.JPG

Here are some samples of the effects you can get using the picture toolbar

Original Picture:
external image 97picture4.JPG

external image 97picture5.JPG
external image 97picture6.JPG

external image 97picture4.JPG


  • Copy and paste this picture into a blank Word Document multiple times.
  • See if you can use the buttons on the picture toolbar to duplicate some of the effects that are displayed above.

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